My Journey

This blog is to hold myself accountable. I’m going to do everything I can to fight and manage my PCOS starting with diet and exercise. I was diagnosed after solidly bleeding for almost two and a half months and  learned I hadn’t ovulated in a very long time. Luckily my doctor believes that we caught this early and can manage it and I will be able to become pregnant one day. I’m beginning my journey with healthy diet and exercise, tons of research, and a 3 month stint on the nuvaring. My issue was so much bleeding that my uterus has become patchy and I need it to heal itself. I strongly dislike birth control and I don’t like its side effects, but I also want to fix the damage that has been done. It’s pretty much putting a bandaid on a bigger issue, but this way I will have my periods regulated and can thicken and shed the lining of my uterus properly. In these 3 months I have to do this, I will blog my eating habits, recipes, and other happy things! I’m starting with a loose paleo diet… Keto seems too much for me right now and I have read so many different things about what to eat and not eat with PCOS that I just need to see for myself what my body can and can’t handle. Best of luck to my fellow PCOSers.


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