PCOS so far with life changes

So I’ve been attempting to change my life for about two weeks now and it’s been a damn struggle. I go to AA to begin with so you’d think I had a better grip on acceptance and willingness to change, but I sometimes think our addictive ways of thinking get in our way immensely especially when we’re in distress. That’s how it is for me at least. I work hard to be okay mentally and physically and I’m working harder than ever now. When my doctor diagnosed me we came up with a plan that she thought would be best. I went back on the nuvaring because that’s what I was on for 3 years with no issues, and I didn’t want to try something new and suffer a new list of issues. My only issue is that the hormones in birth control make me feel crazy and paranoid and negative and I cry. A lot. So it’s been a hard two weeks and I’m dreading having a real period. I need to impliment exercise into my daily routine, and I just started back up at my normal job for summer school so I can build a stricter schedule.

The plan is to stay on the nuvaring for 3 months for 3 regulated periods then to go off it and hope it stabilizes and hopefully with the right diet and exercise it will. Praying for some normalcy soon, it’s the worst feeling outside your own skin.


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