Wegmans Flagship “boss” store!


Since I grew up in upstate NY my entire life I have a horribly unhealthy obsession with wegmans. I’m all about wegmans brand everything and their pizza shop and sub shop and hot food bar! The store I live ten minutes away from is pretty small but they’ve made some major changes in the last few years.

But in Pittsford, outside of Rochester, there’s an amazingly giant store, with everything a human being could desire.

After 27 years of being on this earth I finally got to go with my boyfriend and our best friend.

They have THE BIGGEST gluten free and organic section and more choices than I’ve ever seen in one place! Right now I’m gearing my diet towards purely organic (I totally failed and ate a piece of pizza yesterday… I’m a work in progress) and I got a few GF things because I NEED junk food! I’m still trying to perfect how I shop and what I buy.

On a serious side note I did one thing that I think might’ve been a no no for us PCOSers. I bought quinoa chips and these cheddar pepper cracker things and I read that there was potatoe starch in the ingredients. I’m hoping small amounts of these things aren’t a HUGE deal (after all be previous food intake was purely starch and potatoes and pasta and every bad carb you can think of) and that small snacks here and there won’t ruin my progress.

As for organic… I found every organic version of EVERYTHING I like!! (No added preservatives hormones or antibiotics YAY!)

I got organic chicken, beef, lamb, cheeses, sandwich turkey, whole wheat bread, wraps, bananas, quinoa chips, wegmans organic mac and cheese and SOUR CREAM!! I got so much more I just can’t remember it right now.

We spent 80$ even so I’m hoping it all lasts for the week 🙂 and as we were driving home I saw a Trader Joe’s… I’ll be there next weekend ❤


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