UK snack Crate!

So… it kinda goes against like my diet restrictions and everything, but once a month I HAVE to have my snack crate.

If you don’t already know what that is, it’s a company out of Florida that ships you a box once a month with a foreign food from random countries all over the world, and every month they pick a new country.

Last month we had South Korea which had a ton of awesome snacks! This month was the U.K. which was good, but it had a lot of candy and I’m not big into sweets. I try a bite of everything and usually the boyfriend demolishes the rest. I’m sure he was in heaven because candy is the greatest thing in his eyes. 

My favorite thing was the Razzles, a bacon flavored chip, it had almost like a pork rine texture.

The grossest was the black licorice dip stick you could dip into the sugary powder.

I can’t upload videos to this account because it’s not “premium” so I’ve attached a link to my YouTube video 🙂 

<a href=”;feature=share”>;feature=share</a&gt;


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