First Fail: Lebanese Lamb Rice

This dish definitely had potential! And looked and smelled delicious. However, I broke the cardinal brown rice rule… never cook brown rice in a dish like you would white 😦 in my experience you need double the water and time. Shockingly I already learned this lesson the hard way once… I just forgot. So NOW that I know for my future, I’ll simply cook the rice separate according to the bags directions. I will however breakdown what I was going for, because if done right I’m sure it’s delicious!!

I needed:

1 pound ground lamb

1 cup jasmine rice

2 cups chicken broth

Plain Greek yogurt

One sliced cucumber

1 ounce raw, shelled pistachios 

2 tablespoons of fresh finely chopped mint leaves

Pink salt


I started by cooking the lamb until it was brown, and added the rice (until coated and translucent, however don’t do this with brown rice… just cook it separate then add it in later. I usually use google and tweak a lot of things to fit my preferences and how to do them). After the rice is coated and translucent, add the chicken broth and cook on low simmering about 15-20 minutes then let sit for 5 min so the rice absorbed the stock.

Meanwhile, spread a nice layer of Greek yogurt on the bottom of the plates, and slice up a cucumber. When the mix is done cooking, stir in the pistachios and mint. I happen to hate both of those things, but I’m sure they compliment the dish immensely. I just left out the pistachios and substituted basil. 

So for me it was a fail, the rice was still crunchy. I tried saving it by nuking it with water but it was too far gone by then. Next time I think I’ll prepare the rice ahead of time with the chicken stock then add it to the pan and summer for awhile. 


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