Lamb Burgers

Nothing tastes better to me than a delicious juicy cheeseburger. From Mcdonalds. That I can’t eat anymore. And really I’m incredibly picky about my beef now because I can’t stand the idea of ingesting hormone ridden fatty who knows what. So I go organic and grass fed now… but a friend suggested lamb burgers and I’ve never had lamb before, and I was not disappointed.

My friend came over and prepared these for me, and added rosemary and thyme to the lamb. He grilled them on our grill and topped them with wegmans organic horseradish cheese topped with a dill spread and ketchup and mustard. I ran to the gas station and when I came back they made sure to place mine on my whole wheat bread so I stick to my PCOS diet 🙂

The result was uhhhhmazing. I suggest treating yourself to some lambburger instead of hamburger sometime! 🙂


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