Lamb Burgers

Nothing tastes better to me than a delicious juicy cheeseburger. From Mcdonalds. That I can’t eat anymore. And really I’m incredibly picky about my beef now because I can’t stand the idea of ingesting hormone ridden fatty who knows what. So I go organic and grass fed now… but a friend suggested lamb burgers and I’ve never had lamb before, and I was not disappointed.

My friend came over and prepared these for me, and added rosemary and thyme to the lamb. He grilled them on our grill and topped them with wegmans organic horseradish cheese topped with a dill spread and ketchup and mustard. I ran to the gas station and when I came back they made sure to place mine on my whole wheat bread so I stick to my PCOS diet 🙂

The result was uhhhhmazing. I suggest treating yourself to some lambburger instead of hamburger sometime! 🙂


First Fail: Lebanese Lamb Rice

This dish definitely had potential! And looked and smelled delicious. However, I broke the cardinal brown rice rule… never cook brown rice in a dish like you would white 😦 in my experience you need double the water and time. Shockingly I already learned this lesson the hard way once… I just forgot. So NOW that I know for my future, I’ll simply cook the rice separate according to the bags directions. I will however breakdown what I was going for, because if done right I’m sure it’s delicious!!

I needed:

1 pound ground lamb

1 cup jasmine rice

2 cups chicken broth

Plain Greek yogurt

One sliced cucumber

1 ounce raw, shelled pistachios 

2 tablespoons of fresh finely chopped mint leaves

Pink salt


I started by cooking the lamb until it was brown, and added the rice (until coated and translucent, however don’t do this with brown rice… just cook it separate then add it in later. I usually use google and tweak a lot of things to fit my preferences and how to do them). After the rice is coated and translucent, add the chicken broth and cook on low simmering about 15-20 minutes then let sit for 5 min so the rice absorbed the stock.

Meanwhile, spread a nice layer of Greek yogurt on the bottom of the plates, and slice up a cucumber. When the mix is done cooking, stir in the pistachios and mint. I happen to hate both of those things, but I’m sure they compliment the dish immensely. I just left out the pistachios and substituted basil. 

So for me it was a fail, the rice was still crunchy. I tried saving it by nuking it with water but it was too far gone by then. Next time I think I’ll prepare the rice ahead of time with the chicken stock then add it to the pan and summer for awhile. 

UK snack Crate!

So… it kinda goes against like my diet restrictions and everything, but once a month I HAVE to have my snack crate.

If you don’t already know what that is, it’s a company out of Florida that ships you a box once a month with a foreign food from random countries all over the world, and every month they pick a new country.

Last month we had South Korea which had a ton of awesome snacks! This month was the U.K. which was good, but it had a lot of candy and I’m not big into sweets. I try a bite of everything and usually the boyfriend demolishes the rest. I’m sure he was in heaven because candy is the greatest thing in his eyes. 

My favorite thing was the Razzles, a bacon flavored chip, it had almost like a pork rine texture.

The grossest was the black licorice dip stick you could dip into the sugary powder.

I can’t upload videos to this account because it’s not “premium” so I’ve attached a link to my YouTube video 🙂 

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Wegmans Flagship “boss” store!


Since I grew up in upstate NY my entire life I have a horribly unhealthy obsession with wegmans. I’m all about wegmans brand everything and their pizza shop and sub shop and hot food bar! The store I live ten minutes away from is pretty small but they’ve made some major changes in the last few years.

But in Pittsford, outside of Rochester, there’s an amazingly giant store, with everything a human being could desire.

After 27 years of being on this earth I finally got to go with my boyfriend and our best friend.

They have THE BIGGEST gluten free and organic section and more choices than I’ve ever seen in one place! Right now I’m gearing my diet towards purely organic (I totally failed and ate a piece of pizza yesterday… I’m a work in progress) and I got a few GF things because I NEED junk food! I’m still trying to perfect how I shop and what I buy.

On a serious side note I did one thing that I think might’ve been a no no for us PCOSers. I bought quinoa chips and these cheddar pepper cracker things and I read that there was potatoe starch in the ingredients. I’m hoping small amounts of these things aren’t a HUGE deal (after all be previous food intake was purely starch and potatoes and pasta and every bad carb you can think of) and that small snacks here and there won’t ruin my progress.

As for organic… I found every organic version of EVERYTHING I like!! (No added preservatives hormones or antibiotics YAY!)

I got organic chicken, beef, lamb, cheeses, sandwich turkey, whole wheat bread, wraps, bananas, quinoa chips, wegmans organic mac and cheese and SOUR CREAM!! I got so much more I just can’t remember it right now.

We spent 80$ even so I’m hoping it all lasts for the week 🙂 and as we were driving home I saw a Trader Joe’s… I’ll be there next weekend ❤

Mashed Cauliflower

So last night to go with my meatloaf I was craving mashed potatoes. But being diagnosed with PCOS and being insulin resistant I knew that wasn’t a healthy option. So I did some googling and found mashed cauliflower was a good substitute and I loooove cauliflower. And it was so simple. Of course I had to substitute though, and It came out kind of runny but the taste was there and now I know what not to do for next time!

I needed:

A decent sized head of cauliflower

1/3 cup non fat buttermilk (I didn’t have this so I ended up substituting 1 cup of milk and a teaspoon of vinegar. Less milk would’ve been less runny.)

Salt and pepper to taste

Garlic powder to taste (or minced garlic)

4 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil

I first chopped the cauliflower and steamed it in my microwave with 1/4 cup of water (time was of the essence) and drained it. I then poured everything else in and mashed it with a hand held purée. I’m thinking if I used a hand masher or less milk it would’ve been less runny. But it still tastes great and the boyfriend approved 🙂

Healthy Meatloaf

Tonight I came up with an awesome couple of recipes for dinner! I had enough for both of our dinners and lunches tomorrow, and my mom even tried it, loved it, and snagged the rest for her lunch tomorrow!

For the meatloaf I bought two packages of Walmart organic ground beef for $4.98 each. It’s slightly expensive but so very worth not loading up on the hormones and additives ESPECIALLY if you have something like PCOS or dietary restrictions.

Everything else I needed:

1/3 cup shredded zucchini

1/3 cup shredded carrot

1 cup gluten free bread crumbs

1 finely chopped green bell pepper

1 finely chopped sweet onion

2 large eggs

1 teaspoon chopped garlic 

Salt and pepper to taste

First I cooked the peppers and onions in olive oil then added the garlic and the end until everything was cooked through.

In a bowl I mixed eggs, bread crumbs, onions and peppers, salt and pepper, beef, and shredded zucchini and carrots, then mixed with my hands. (I used a handheld grater to do the carrots and zucchini, didn’t buy them already shredded)

I placed the loaf in a meatloaf pan and baked at 400 degrees for 35-40 min. The directions called for 25, but the middle just wasn’t done. I ended up nuking mine and the boyfriends pieces for two min in the microwave  and finished it off in the oven.

For the topping I mixed ketchup and worstechire sauce and it was delicious! Saltier than the normal brown sugar topping, but that’s exactly how I like it.

Definitely a wonderful healthy alternative to your typical meatloaf. And I served with mashed cauliflower which was AWESOME! I will post that recipe/experience later 🙂 enjoy!

Healthy pork and mushroom gravy!

Tonight I made an awesome pork dish. I’m really big into gravy and sauces, which can be bad for you and full of sodium. Unfortunately I grew up on Lipton French onion soup packet gravy, or McCormick brown gravy both LOADED with bad things, tons of salt and so much sodium. But so delicious. So I was pretty excited about this recipe!

What I needed was:
Package of organic pork chops (mine had 5, I got them at Walmart)

1/3 cup chicken stock 

1/3 cup beef stock (I used broth it’s all I had)

1/4 cup flour

1 lb mushrooms cut up

1 thinly sliced onion

Salt and pepper to taste

I started by searing both sides of my pork chops for about 2-3 min each and removing them and covering to keep warm.

Then I browned the onions and mushrooms about 5 min. After, I dumped the flour in and stirred until it was dissolved.

I then poured the stocks in and let it simmer and placed the chops back in the pan on low simmering about 15 min until the pork was done.

I sprinkled salt and pepper on everything through out cooking (I use pink salt for everything) and served this over brown rice. The bf liked it but dumped worstechire sauce on his. He’s not as much of a gravy lover as me. It was delish though and had enough left for tomorrow!